An Innovative Web3 Collaborative Platform

The Vision of the Web3 Collaborative Platform

User data control and privacy protection

Users can independently select whether to share specific data with other users or organizations, thus achieving a true sense of data autonomy and privacy protection.

Decentralization and security guarantees

The decentralized structure makes the platform less susceptible to a single point of failure, safeguarding the stability and security of the system.

Improve collaboration efficiency and reduce costs

It will greatly facilitate the development of global projects and the emergence of innovations, making collaboration less limited by traditional geographic constraints.

Community governance and democratic decision-making

Transactions, and decisions will be more efficient and transparent, saving time and resources, thus creating more economic value for users and organizations.

Improve collaboration efficiency and reduce costs

The decentralized governance structure will encourage community participation and innovation, making the platform healthier and more sustainable.

System Architecture

Platform Application Layer

Many exciting decentralized collaboration scenarios have emerged based on CyberCrowdCoin's decentralized collaboration protocol, such as decentralized classified ads platforms, decentralized B2B collaboration platforms, decentralized social e-commerce companies, and decentralized direct marketing platforms. The The CyberCrowdCoin platform has become an important hub for connecting innovators, participants, and value creators and creates more opportunities and room for development for users around the world.

System Protocol Layer

The system protocol layer is the core part of the CyberCrowdCoin platform, and includes :collaboration protocol layer, data protocol layer, transaction protocol layer, and aggregation protocol layer. the various protocols work together to support the various functions of the platform and realize decentralized collaboration and value exchange among users.

Infrastructure Layer

The infrastructure layer provide a solid foundation for the efficient operation and decentralized collaboration of the CyberCrowdCoin platform. It includes: the Web2 aggregation system, the Web3 aggregation system, theCross-Chain/ Cross-Layer technology, the smart contract library, and the modular blockchain technology.

Ecological Co-constructor

Platform Developers

Responsible for developing and maintaining the core CyberCrowdCoin infrastructure components.

Protocol Developers

Teams or individuals who follow the CyberCrowdCoin protocol and develop related protocols and products.

Protocol Operators

Responsible for the operation of the CyberCrowdCoin protocol nodes to ensure the security and stability of the CyberCrowdCoin decentralized network.

Web2 Service Providers

Offer various support and services for the CyberCrowdCoin platform.

Web3 Service providers

Service providers that provide support for the decentralized features and services of the CyberCrowdCoin platform.

Offline Service Providers

Provide offline physical services for the CyberCrowdCoin platform and cooperate with each other to expand the application scenarios of the platform.


  1. Web3 Aggregation System
    Data Protocol Layer
  2. Web2 Aggregation System
    Transaction Protocol Layer
  3. Aggregation Protocol Layer
    Data Market Place
    Workflow Protocol
  4. Cross Chain Tecnology
    Smart Contract Library
    Collaboration Protocol Layer
  5. Cross Layer Technology
    Decentralized Crowd Creation Platform
    Modular Blockchain Formation
  6. Cross-Chain Goverance DAO
    Collaborative Commerce Platform


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